Lubbock home with $300,000 rent due next month: Rent to pay off debt

Lubbocks home with a $300-a-month rent is due next year, and the city is asking the court to make sure the property owner is paying it.

The City Council on Wednesday approved a bill that would make it illegal for an individual to owe more than $300 in rent or mortgage payments on a home or rental unit in Lubboc.

The bill would make the current law on the books as of Jan. 1, 2020, the law of the land, but would not apply to an individual who is a renter, a business owner, a resident of a building or the owner of a mortgage.

The new law would be enforced by the Lubboo County Attorney’s Office, which would be able to seize the person’s property.

The owner would be required to pay the remaining rent or property taxes.

Councilman Scott Gattin said the bill would be a huge victory for the people of Lubb.

It’s also going to save the taxpayers a lot, because it’s not a money making business.””

It’s going to be an opportunity to get a lot of people off the street.

It’s also going to save the taxpayers a lot, because it’s not a money making business.”

It will also make it much easier for the city to help people who are unable to afford rent and other costs, Gattis said.

Councilwoman Diane Seltzer agreed that it’s a good bill and said it should be a priority for the county.

I think we need to focus on getting people off of the street,” Seltzers said.”

There are times when people can’t afford the rent or the mortgage.

There are times where they are on food stamps and they can’t pay rent.

“The Lubbowoc City Council approved the bill Tuesday after hearing from a number of residents who are paying rent on time, with the majority of them renters.

The Lumberjack Apartments are located in the former Lubbaco State Hospital building on Southwest 14th Street in Litchfield.

The building was demolished in 2014.

The building’s owners have said they intend to demolish the building and build a hotel on the site.

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