When will the next big TV?

A lot of people are expecting the next generation of televisions to have a more expensive, more premium price tag.

But will you get the kind of specs you get with a $5,000 TV?

That depends on your budget, according to Consumer Reports.

We’ll let the experts decide.

In an ongoing report for Consumer Reports, the organization looked at a bunch of TVs from major brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, and Panasonic, and rated them based on features and features alone.

The most expensive TVs came in at $4,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

That’s a pretty big jump from last year when the cheapest TVs were in the $500 range, Consumer Reports reported.

But that’s only the starting price of the new TVs, Consumer reports said.

If you can’t afford the new models, you can still save money by purchasing an older TV and getting a discount on the full retail price.

Consumer Reports also listed what it would take to buy an older model, with a discount applied if you have an older console.

But you can also buy a new TV and get a better value for your money, with features like 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision.

And the most expensive model in the list cost $7,000 ($1,200 with the discount), while the cheapest was $1.25 million.

That makes a TV with 4K a little more expensive than an older HDTV with the same specs, but still affordable.

Check out all of the TV deals in our handy guide.

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