How to save $200 on a college dorm bed by buying the right furniture

By The Associated PressThe best way to save money on college dorm rooms is to find the right one.

That’s what one professor at Arizona State University found, and he said it’s easy to do.

The school’s dean of students, Chris Jernigan, said the average price of a single-bedroom dorm room on the Big 12 average was $2,500, with prices ranging from $1,900 for one-bedrooms to $5,000 for two-beds.

The average price for a four-bedroom apartment on the conference average was about $1.2 million, with apartments starting at $1 million and up.

Jernigans research found that the cost of a college room was a lot more dependent on where it was rented than the average college room.

Jernigan’s findings have sparked discussion online, with some students suggesting that if students don’t find rooms with good-value amenities and high-quality amenities, the university should rethink its cost of attendance policy.

“It’s a real concern that students will think, ‘Oh, I just don’t need a room,'” said Jernahan, a professor in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Jernigan said his research shows that the majority of students in a university’s dorms aren’t looking for expensive amenities, but they are looking for a quality dorm.

He said that if universities can get a feel for the dorm’s amenities, they can tailor their prices accordingly.

For instance, if a student has the ability to make use of a treadmill, Jernikan said, “I would look for a room with a lot of space and the right amount of amenities.”

Jerner said that students need to pay attention to how the university’s offerings compare to what they’re used to.

He said that some schools have higher ceilings than others, which can make it hard for students to get into rooms that are big and full of books.

Students should also look for amenities that are more than just dorm rooms, such as lounges, a TV, and fitness center.

Some dorm rooms have private bathrooms, which may help students avoid using the shower or the toilet.

Other dorm rooms may have indoor or outdoor fitness centers, Jermain said.

For example, one room at the University of Kentucky has a treadmill and a TV that’s in the basement.

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