Which apartments are worth the most in Manhattan?

The Manhattan real estate market is booming, and that means an uptick in luxury apartments.

Here are the top 10 most expensive apartments in Manhattan.

naturwoods home furnishments manhattan The Naturwoods is a home furnishers boutique, located at 646 West 36th Street, in the Financial District.

The Naturwood was established in 1986 and has grown to include more than 600 stores in 26 countries.

As of September 2017, the NaturWood had nearly $1.2 billion in annual sales, with an average sale price of $3,569.

Its most popular items include the Lush sofa, a king-size chair with a wood frame, and a chair with an 18-inch plush cushion, and the Mitten cushion.

Furniture and home decor retailer Tiffany &Larson has a large collection of furniture and home furnishies at its Manhattan store.

Larson also offers a wide selection of home decor, including bedspreads, curtains, and mattresses, which are a popular purchase.

If you’re looking for an affordable luxury apartment, the apartment at 1140 West 42nd Street in the Upper East Side, a unit of the Realtor Group, is one of the top picks.

It’s a three-bedroom apartment with an en-suite bathroom, a large walk-in closet, and two large bedrooms.

There’s a second unit for rent at this unit, but it costs more than $2,500 per month.

An apartment at 1421 West 42d Street is a two-bedroom unit with two bedrooms.

It’s available for rent for $1,200 per month or $2.2 million.

Another two-bedroom unit, which is also available for lease, is located at 1350 West 42st Street, and costs $2 million per month to rent.

And the third and most expensive unit, at 442 West 42f Street, is the most expensive apartment in Manhattan at $3.5 million.

It has a 2,200-square-foot master suite and two bedrooms, and it’s located in an upscale neighborhood of Manhattan.

A single-family home at 751 West 42th Street is priced at $4 million.

A two-story home is $4.5, and an apartment at 818 West 42c Street is $5.3 million.

The cheapest apartment in the city, however, is at 621 West 41st Street in Chelsea.

This unit, located in the South Bronx, costs $3 million to rent, but the owner has a mortgage and no down payment.

It is a walk-up unit with a garage door.

All of the properties are within walking distance of major subway lines.

For a listing of nearby apartment complexes, visit real estate website Realtors.com.

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