What to expect from the latest CES 2017 show

More than half of the CES 2017 exhibitors in attendance were in the market for furnishings.

But that doesn’t mean we’re in for a quick run through the market.

A full-on look at the latest offerings from some of the world’s largest and most well-known designers will be offered at CES 2017.

Read more: CES 2017: The most striking new furniture we’ve seen yet”The vast majority of the new designs, I would say, were designed by designers who have been around for a long time, but there were some new entrants in the field,” said Matt Johnson, senior analyst at The Wall Street Journal.

While the biggest trends in the furniture market haven’t really been in the industry for quite some time, Johnson said that it’s not a surprise that new trends are emerging.

“I would say it’s a lot more than just the last few years,” Johnson said.

“It’s sort of a culmination of a number of things, and I think one of the key things is that consumers are really moving toward more and more of these online experiences and things like that, which has led to a whole new level of design and innovation,” he added.

New York-based furniture designer Bella has been working in the space for more than 15 years.

“We are thrilled to welcome our clients and partners to CES,” said Laura Bellas senior vice president of global marketing.

“This year we will showcase our range of design-based furnishings to the industry’s most sought after clients.”

Read more about the world of furnishings:A variety of design studios were in attendance, and a number were also participating in CES.

“One of the things we really like about CES is it allows us to present products that we feel we can be successful in the marketplace, and we think that the industry has never had more of a variety of product offerings than it does today,” Johnson told Business Insider.

He said the best thing about the conference is that it gives a broader range of product lines and the opportunity for designers to have their ideas showcased.

For example, Johnson noted that he and Bella have worked together on a range of projects, including an interactive sculpture called the “Bellas” exhibit at the New York Fashion Week.

“That is a beautiful, high-quality piece of furniture that will be part of our show,” he said.

“We are very excited to show it to our clients.”

While the design of the Bellas exhibit will be a part of the exhibit, Johnson added that it was designed to appeal to the younger market.

“In general, I think we will have more young-oriented designs than older designs, but I would think it’s going to be a little bit more of an older, more casual look,” he explained.