The world’s first “living room” apartment built by a robot from a human is now on display in the UK

In a tiny house inspired by the concept of the humble bedroom, builders Astute Furnings are building a “living space” apartment in the United Kingdom that is 100% automated.

The project, called Living Room 2, was designed to help people with disabilities find a new place to live after living in their home for many years.

“The Living Room is the first in a line of Living Room Apartment to be built by robots,” says Astute CEO Mike Godby.

“This is the beginning of a new wave of automated housing that we hope will revolutionize the way people live and work in the future.”

The living room concept was inspired by two other robots that have been built by Astute, namely a robot that is able to pick up objects, and a robot called the Littler.

Both of these robots were used in the development of the Astute Living Room, but both were created with human assistance.

Astute’s robot, called the Haptic, can pick up any object from a shelf or shelf with a single motion and then return to its original position.

This is an incredible technology for humans.

“Astute’s Littlers have been trained to recognize a specific object in the Living Room,” Godby said.

“We’re also using a robot to help with the rest of the furniture, but it’s an extremely human-like job.”

The Living Room’s “living floor” is made of six pieces of wood.

Each piece of wood has a small “lid” that is raised to allow the Living Rooms “living surface” to be opened up and closed down.

The Littles can then take the lid off and open the Living room.

When they open the lid, they can place a piece of furniture into the Living space, or they can bring the Living area into the room.

“For example, we could have a sofa sitting in the living room and we could then bring the sofa into the living area,” Godley says.

“So if we have a big rug, it can sit in the lounge and the Living rooms carpet can sit under the sofa and the sofa can then sit in one of the lounges and be moved in and out of the Living spaces furniture.”

A second Littley, called The Mower, is also able to assist with this process.

The Mowers ability to assist the Living and Living Room was developed in conjunction with the team that designed the original Living Room.

The Living room is designed to be a “seamless space” and will not require the assistance of other people to be functional.

“Astro’s goal was to build the Living Space as completely as possible,” Godbey says.

While there are some elements of the living space in the original living room that have since been changed, the living floor is essentially unchanged.

“When you’re using a robotic body, the way you do things is very different than how a human would do it,” Godbys says.

The living floor can be completely opened up by one Little and closed by another Littling.

“It’s a bit of a challenge to have a robot do the right thing for you,” Godbe says.

However, Godby says that Astute is working to develop an even more efficient and efficient robot to assist people with disability.

“If we’re able to bring it to scale, we’ll be able to take this whole process and improve it,” he says.

Living Room2 will be available to pre-order by the end of the year.

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