10 Things You Need to Know About Doll Houses

The University of California, Berkeley, is one of the most expensive places to rent a dorm.

In the last year alone, it has paid $1,000 for a room in a three-bedroom, four-bathroom house with a kitchenette and two full-size bathrooms.

It was purchased for $2,000 last year.

In April, a group of students filed a class-action lawsuit against the university alleging that the school was misusing its tax-exempt status to make a profit off of students.

The suit alleges that the university is making money off students by not charging them the proper fees.

According to the Berkeley Free Press, the school is trying to fix its housing situation by selling some of the dorms it has purchased to students.

And while some dorms have been renovated, others remain largely unchanged.

“They can rent them at the discounted rate, and I think that’s probably a good thing,” said graduate student Michael Schoenfeld.

“You can’t buy a new house every year, but at least it’s going to be a better deal in the long run.”

For some students, they may be able to afford it.

According the University of North Carolina, one in five of the university’s students live below the federal poverty line.

The median monthly rent for one student in that same position is $824.

“There are a lot of students who really need that extra money,” said student Daniel Dey, a sophomore at the school.

Dey said that if he can find a room with a bunk bed, desk, and television, he could live in a dorm room for the next two years, though he would likely be stuck in one for a few more months.

The cost of a dorm is expected to decrease over the next few years, as more students start paying off their student loans.

However, it could be difficult to find a good one in a few years.

Some students have already been looking for rooms with dorm rooms in the past, but it can be difficult for landlords to find suitable housing for their tenants.

“The average price is $1 million or so,” said dorm housing coordinator and former student Jessica Lechner.

“And if it’s a college, there’s going be a lot more competition for the apartments.”

According to Lechning, she has found that some landlords are willing to rent rooms with bunk beds, but many others don’t want to rent those rooms to students who are not enrolled in the university.

The University also owns the space that is currently used for dorm rooms.

And the school said that it will have a full-time administrator to oversee the operation of the housing.

However that person is hired, it’s unclear how much rent the university will pay for that space.

A spokesperson for the university said the school would not comment on specific situations, but said that they are “working closely with our partner landlords, and we will continue to do so.”

“We’re trying to find the best way to address this,” said University of New Mexico dorm housing manager Scott Treadwell.

“I think the landlord will be the best person to address that issue.”

It’s not just the cost that is a problem, but also the students.

According a 2015 survey conducted by the University, one-third of the students said they would be willing to pay a deposit to live in their dorm, with more than half saying they would pay for a car, a couch, and a TV if they could.

In the end, students are paying for housing and they don’t like the state of affairs.

“I don’t think I’m going to move out of here,” said freshman Erica Eichler, a junior at the university, “but the whole situation makes me think that I would be a good candidate for a roommate.”

The next time you’re at a dorm, it might be a little more difficult to afford a room.

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