What william and Kate williamson buy for their new home?

When the couple bought their first home, the home they wanted was the one with the blue-and-yellow stripes.

But then, Kate found herself thinking about the stripes on the new home.

She decided to go ahead and make a little bit of a change to her home decor.

The house is now called the Williams Home Furnishing Center.

The name is a nod to William and Emily, two daughters, who have also been making changes to their home.

The William family bought the home in 2009 from a retired man.

William’s wife, Kate, who has since passed away, inherited the home and had her daughter, Grace, help out with renovations.

“I’ve never been one to get too sentimental,” William told Business Insider.

“It was always about the home.”

The couple’s family owned the home before William moved in, and it has remained their primary home.

“When I first got married, I didn’t even think about the colors,” Willliam said.

“But when we bought the house, I did, because we loved the color.”

The Willliams home is named after William, who played basketball in high school and was the first in his family to attend college.

The couple had several renovations on the house in 2018, and William has also painted the home a little different with some new accents.

“We had some new furniture and we added some modern decor,” Willham said.

The new decor includes a new fireplace and a new sofa.

The interior of the Willliam’s home includes a big fireplace, a dining room, and a custom kitchen.

There are two full baths and a huge, custom shower.

The home is currently a little on the smaller side, but William hopes to add some more rooms and features later on.

“You can see the difference from the outside and the inside,” he said.

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