When a brick house is too big to live in

By KENNETH WILSON, Associated Press WriterFor generations, the home of a family in rural Maine has sat in the shadows.

It has been an impossibly tall house built of stone.

But when a family moved to the rural town of Bowdoin, in western Maine, they decided to build a brick home.

Now, the new home of the Bowdoins is a place where families can enjoy a more comfortable, family-friendly setting, thanks to the installation of a high-speed internet connection in the barn where they lived.

The new home is called the Bowdens Home Furnishing and Furnishings, and it’s located in Bowdoina, about an hour and a half from the town of Augusta.

The home has an entryway that opens onto the barn, where the family can set up their new home and live.

The first floor has a living room and a fireplace, and a second floor has kitchen space and a bathroom.

The third floor has two bedrooms, and the fourth floor has one.

Bowdoina is the largest town in the county and has a population of about 2,600.

The Bowdoens have owned the property for decades.

In recent years, they have become one of the largest homeowners in the state.

The owners of the home are not the only ones who have taken advantage of the internet connection.

The town also has a large, new internet-enabled public library.

And in addition to the BowDoins Home Furnishing and Furnishing, the town has its own cable TV service, and there is a small community center that hosts community events, like the local music festival.

But as they have expanded their network, the BowDens have realized that it was time to get back to basics.

They had moved from their home to the new location, and now they were ready to put the finishing touches on the barn.

So the BowDOins decided to turn the barn into a place of rest and relaxation.

They built a new home in a small corner of the property, so that the family could spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

But it was not until this spring that the Bow Doins realized the barn needed more space.

The owners of BowDoin wanted to add a third floor and the new barn was on the way.

The Bowdoinas are also using the internet to improve their community, said John Hult, Bowdoan’s president.

The internet allows people to get information, and that’s why the internet service has been installed, Hult said.

In addition to internet, the bowdoins have installed new water pipes and are using the fiber optic cables that are being laid to the barn to help run the internet.

That’s important because they have to maintain their water supply.

BowDoin officials say the new internet service is expected to be available in the fall.

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