How to Make the Perfect Christmas Tree in 30 Minutes

How to make the perfect Christmas tree in 30 minutes: 1.

Clean out your home’s kitchen and kitchen sink 2.

Drill holes in the wood for the Christmas tree 3.

Cut out a tree 4.

Hang the tree 5.

Put a card in the middle of it 6.

Cut the tree in half and put it in the freezer to freeze in place 7.

Then, cut out the branches 8.

Put the branches in the oven and roast them until they’re golden brown 9.

Then add the trimmings to the pie 10.

Cut up a pumpkin and put into the pie 11.

Put in the pumpkin pie 12.

Serve the pumpkin in a pie and decorate it with a Christmas tree decoration 13.

Put on a costume and sing along with the song on the tree 14.

Enjoy your Halloween costume 15.

Put decorations on the window sill and paint it with the colors of the holiday tree decorations 16.

Add some lights to your house 17.

Decorate your front porch 18.

Enjoy the holiday season 19.

Add a tree ornament to your kitchen and add the color of the tree decorations 20.

Put up a snowman in the window and decorating it with colors of your holiday tree decor

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