It’s not just the sofa cushions that are getting a makeover

The furniture you can buy in a new home could have been replaced by something much more expensive.

The new, expensive sofa cushion could be a piece of art, say designers.

The cushions are going on sale for $50,000 in the new season of the Australian television series The Biggest Loser.

They’re called the Spatialis and are available from $150,000 and $180,000, respectively.

“The Spatiali is one of those furniture pieces where I don’t think the price is just a cost of production,” designer Paul Pfeiffer told,au.

“It’s a piece where you could put something that is a piece, a work of art in there that you wouldn’t necessarily buy and actually have the opportunity to do something with it.”

“It is a really nice piece of furniture, it’s made from the best materials and you can’t go wrong with it.”

You can have the Sponicis, which is more of a decorative piece of it and the Spinalis is the same thing, it is just very different in a different way.””

You will get a lot of compliments for the Spuralis, that’s the beauty of it.

“Spatialis in action on The Bigest LoserThe Spuralist sofa cushion is an example of the furniture that could have come from a luxury home.

It comes with a special wooden frame that can hold up to four people.”

If you have a spare room you can bring this furniture and put it in and the sofa, the cushions, the floor and everything in there,” Mr Pfeiffs explained.”

And the furniture is made from reclaimed wood and is made of an organic material that is really not made from materials that we use in a lot a lot,” he said.”

So, in a way it’s just like a piece that’s been made in a very sustainable way, not made of plastic and cardboard.””

And that’s what makes it so special, it just is so much more beautiful than the material we use on a lot more items.

“Pfeiffers’ Spatialist sofa cushons were inspired by his personal collection.”

But in terms of it being beautiful, in terms to my art and my work, I think it is quite unique, in that it’s a sculpture that is very different from most other pieces of furniture that you might have.””

So I just thought it was time to create something that I could put my art in, which makes me think that it is a bit of a work in progress.”

“But in terms of it being beautiful, in terms to my art and my work, I think it is quite unique, in that it’s a sculpture that is very different from most other pieces of furniture that you might have.”

The Sponicist sofa was originally designed to sit in a chair, but PfeIFFERS changed the shape of the sofa after a number of customers asked for the sofa to sit on a couch.

“I actually had a number that had the cushion on a sofa, it was a really strange sofa that was sitting in my dining room table, so I just wanted to do a really different one,” he revealed.

“A chair and a sofa were just two pieces that I had and I just had to get the one that had that cushion on it.”

It was not only the sofa that the designers created that inspired them to create the Spacialis, but the furniture also has a specialised shape, with a rounded edge and a rounded corner.

“Basically I had this round table, which was made of this lovely solid piece of wood, so it was the right shape for this sofa,” Mr FARRIS said.

“But then I had a couple of friends that wanted a different sofa, they wanted something that was a bit different.”

“They came up with the shape that was really different from anything else I’ve done before, and it was just this little piece that they just called the spacialist sofa, which they called it because they had a spacialism in their name,” Mr. Pfeffers said.

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