Why I did not buy this house

The most significant difference between the two homes is in the size of the house.

The new one is a 5,000-square-metre (30,000 sq ft) home that comes with a five-bedroom, four-bathroom compound, while the one in the previous photo was a smaller home with a single-bedroom.

The bigger one has a two-storey duplex.

The smaller one is not listed for sale in the city.

In the previous story, the house on the right was listed for Rs 25 crore, while in the present one, the price tag is Rs 7.2 crore.

We do not know if the house is being sold at that price or whether the buyer is yet ready to pay the price.

A neighbour who asked not to be identified, told The Times that the house in the past picture had been purchased in 2013.

The current one was purchased in 2016, she added.

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