The World’s Biggest Home Furniture Dividend (Updated)

By Steve Mascarell The dividend for the world’s biggest home furnishers in 2019 will be the biggest ever announced in the history of the company, the bank said on Monday.

A new study by Morgan Stanley estimates the total value of the global home furnisher market will be worth $3.6 trillion in 2019.

Morgan Stanley estimates $3 billion of that will come from the UK and US, with the US accounting for half of the value.

The study, based on the data of an annual survey conducted by the firm, found that a house or home will earn the equivalent of $9,814 in 2019, with Australia and Europe accounting for the remaining $1,900.

While the world is still far away from the $3 trillion mark, the research has prompted some cautious predictions.

In the past, analysts have been cautious about the value of this category, given the current lack of demand for luxury goods.

It is still unclear whether the dividend will continue, as the research said it would be difficult to estimate the long-term outlook for the sector.

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